Examples of motivation email for an application

It is now common practice to send your application by email. To accompany your CV, you can:

  • Add your cover letter as an attachment
  • Replace the letter with a message intended to convince your future employer, the motivation email

The first impression is essential, the motivational email should not be neglected. To help you in this task, we have prepared several examples of motivational emails for different professional profiles to discover below. Recruiters are waiting for you!

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How to write a motivation email

To convince the recruiter, your motivation email must contain a certain number of essential points. Your message should include the following parts :

  • Indicate the position for which you are applying
  • Add a brief and concise summary of your background and your training
  • Develop your skills and professional experience
  • Explain the reasons that motivate you to join the company

The content of your email will depend on then your experience, your field, and whether you are responding to an ad or sending an unsolicited application. Below you will find several tips and examples tailored to your needs.

Email from a young graduate

The lack of professional experience can sometimes prove to be an obstacle to getting the first job.

However, despite this lack of experience, the young graduate is no less qualified. The candidate can discuss his internships, one or more work-study programs, his summer jobs, an exchange abroad as well as the skills he has acquired and developed throughout his studies.

Thanks to the Internet and social networks, the young graduate also has at his disposal all the necessary tools to learn about the company for which he wishes to apply and show his interest.

An example to follow:

Madam, Sir,

I am contacting you because I am very interested in the job (job name) that I was able to discover through (source of the announcement).

Graduated in (name of training), I had the opportunity to develop many skills in (list of know-how) throughout my studies and in particular during my end-of-studies internship at (company name) where I held the position of (job name). As part of this internship of (duration of the internship), the missions entrusted to me (short description of the missions) allowed me to gain experience and to refine my professional project.

It is for this reason that I believe I have the qualities required for this position and I am determined to provide your business with strong autonomy, a desire to learn, and a very great motivation which I have already demonstrated during my previous experiences.

Hoping that my application will grab your attention, I am available at your convenience to present my background to you during an interview.

The mail for a commercial position

Salespeople are highly sought after in the professional world but, in this constantly changing field, competition is often fierce.

The candidate for a commercial position must therefore put all the chances on his side to stand out and get noticed by recruiters, starting with a CV adapted to his profile and a striking cover letter by email.

As a salesperson, it’s important to know how to sell yourself and convince the recruiter, because, in the field, an essential skill is to convince potential customers.

Example of a sales motivation email:

Dear Sir or Madam,

Your business is growing and you want to add an asset to your team? Are you looking for a curious and independent person with a great sense of organization?

No need to search anymore, I’m the one for you!

Throughout my journey, I have acquired great versatility and added many strings to my bow thanks to my previous experiences as (name of position and company). The missions entrusted to me (short examples of missions) allowed me to develop a great sense of argumentation, listening, and empathy, to acquire a great persuasive force and taught me perseverance and patience.

I am very interested in your offer and I think it will be of great benefit to your team. I would like to speak with you face to face to explain my background and my motivation.

Pending your answer, I remain at your entire disposal and you please accept the expression of my sincere greetings.

Картинки по запросу "email application человек за компьютером"

The spontaneous application email

It is important that ” a spontaneous application by email has a strong impact and catches the recruiter’s attention.

As the application does not respond to any advertisement, the candidate must evoke from the outset the targeted position before retracing his career. The candidate must be concise and highlight his skills and points in common with the company.

Example of a spontaneous application email:

Madam, Sir,

Your marketing strategy is probably one of the essential factors that make you one of the examples to follow in the sector in France.

Marketing manager for two years, I am currently looking for a job in the fields of (list of fields sought) and wish to integrate a dynamic and efficient team like yours. I have experience in (shortlist of experiences). I would like to meet you, convinced of the added value that I can bring to your company.

Pending your answer, I remain at your disposal and ask you to accept the expression of my sincere greetings.

Now that you are ready to write your motivation email, don’t forget to rework and update your resume.

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